Waiting Time

How long to wait for a transaction on each chain?

In the process of atomic swaps, participants need to wait for the previous step to be executed and safely confirmed before proceeding to the next step. This will determine the overall time of the swap. During the process of a Meson swap, we recommend the following waiting times.

From postSwapbondSwap

Right away. If postSwap transaction is reverted, bondSwap cannot be executed. If postSwap tx is replaced by another swap with the same encoding but different initiator, the LP can still bond to it because the swap properties are the same.

Notice that postSwap may specify the bonded provider. In this case bondSwap is not needed and cannot be executed.

From postSwap / bondSwaplock

Wait for enough confirmations on the initial chains. Otherwise, postSwap or bondSwap transaction may be reverted.

From lock → publish release signature

Wait for enough confirmations on the target chains. Otherwise, the lock transaction may be reverted.

From publish release signature → release & executeSwap

Right away. The order doesn’t matter.

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